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Meet Me Backstage

Meet Me Backstage

A Celebrity Romance Novel

82k words


Free to Read on Wattpad

International pop star and wanted bachelor Jackson Ford has just met the girl of his dreams, Skye Kennedy, in a Hollywood coffee shop. She's a talented photographer, music-lover, and sharp as a tack. There's just one thing wrong with her-she's engaged.

Desperate to get more time with her, Jackson decides to do something reckless: He hires her as his tour photographer. Skye can't pass up the offer of a lifetime, even if it means having to spend months on a tour bus with the hottest man she's ever laid eyes on. But as the heartthrob starts to win her over, the lines of friendship start to blur.

Can she risk the life she's built for a chance at the life she's always wanted?

How to Read

This book is currently available to read for free on the Wattpad website and reading app.

Content Warnings/Triggers

Explicit language, sex (consensual), and use of marijuana and alcohol. Themes discussed include childhood trauma (general), PTSD, and mental health, including descriptive depictions of panic attacks.

Series Info
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