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Siren's Fall

Siren's Fall

Siren's Mark Series: Book 2

102k words


Exclusively on Wattpad Paid Stories & Yonder

The last year and a half of Ava's life is a blur. She suddenly finds herself sitting in a demolished apartment with a broken leg, surrounded by unfamiliar people who claim to be her friends.

How did she end up involved in this mess?

She has no idea that Zane, her supposed boyfriend, is an immortal Siren and they're connected to each other by a supernatural bond.

Zane only has one goal: winning Ava's heart all over again. But as something strange starts happening to Sirens around the world, they may have bigger problems. It turns out that anyone with Siren blood may be affected, and that now includes Ava.

How to Read

This book is available to read exclusively on Wattpad Paid Stories and their sister app, Yonder.

Content Warnings/Triggers

Explicit language, consensual sex, violence, alcohol use, sexual aggression. Story at times addresses themes of homophobia, illness, abuse, and medical issues.

Series Info

This is a direct sequel to Siren's Mark and they should be read in order. There are only two books in the series.

Reading Order:

  1. Siren's Mark

  2. Siren's Fall

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