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The Demon King of Lust

The Demon King of Lust

A Paranormal Romance

75k words


Updating Weekly on Wattpad

Sam Fox is desperate. Recurring nightmares of her stalker ex are becoming eerily real and she knows something more is going on. So when a mysterious handsome bartender claims he can help, she reluctantly accepts.

There's just one small detail she didn't see coming: her ex is actually an Incubus gone rogue and this hot bartender is the Demon King of Lust himself.

Now her dreams-and her life-are under his protection.

How to Read

This book is a work in progress and brand new updates are posted weekly. It's currently available to read for free on the Wattpad website and reading app.

Content Warnings/Triggers

This story is in progress and will contain adult language, explicit sex (consensual), physical violence, stalking, and emotional abuse and manipulation. Expect detailed descriptions of experiences similar to sleep paralysis. Themes discussed may include childhood physical abuse and homophobia/biphobia.

Series Info

This book takes place in the Siren's Mark universe following the events of Siren's Fall. You do not have to read the other books, but the story will contain some spoilers.

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