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3 Devices That Make it Easier to Read with Chronic Pain

As a writer and reader who also struggles with chronic pain, I know that even laying down and reading can be a struggle at times. Here are a few things that have really been helpful for me.


Mirror Glasses

If you suffer from neck pain and stiffness or find it difficult to bend your neck for long periods, these glasses will be a huge help. They have mirrors positioned at a 90-degree angle, so you can read without tilting your head and neck.


Tablet Stand

This stand can hold your tablet or phone at just about any angle you can imagine, which is especially helpful if you get arm strain from holding up your e-reader.


Bamboo Bath Caddy

I love my bath caddy and it's a chronic pain lifesaver for two reasons: First, it allows me to soak my sore muscles while reading. Second, it holds my reading material for me so I don't strain my muscles.



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