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As a writer and reader who also struggles with chronic pain, I know that even laying down and reading can be a struggle at times. Here are a few things that have really been helpful for me.


Mirror Glasses

If you suffer from neck pain and stiffness or find it difficult to bend your neck for long periods, these glasses will be a huge help. They have mirrors positioned at a 90-degree angle, so you can read without tilting your head and neck.


Tablet Stand

This stand can hold your tablet or phone at just about any angle you can imagine, which is especially helpful if you get arm strain from holding up your e-reader.


Bamboo Bath Caddy

I love my bath caddy and it's a chronic pain lifesaver for two reasons: First, it allows me to soak my sore muscles while reading. Second, it holds my reading material for me so I don't strain my muscles.


Want to support indie authors who got their start on Wattpad? Here are a few of my personal favorites written by Wattpadders...



Next Door Incubus by Destiny Diess

Dani keeps having sexy dreams about her new neighbor Eros. Little does she know they aren't just dreams...

On Wattpad as @beautifullybrutal



Tempt by Shannon French

When Violet moves to Shadow, Alabama, she meets the ruggedly handsome Atticus Wilder and discovers his hidden world of werewolves and dark secrets.

On Wattpad as @gublercullen



Submitting to the Alpha by Emilia Rose

Werewolf Isabella finds herself playing a dangerous, voyeuristic game with Alpha Roman. But Roman has his own plans for Isabella...

On Wattpad as @EmiliaRoseWriting



Aiden by H.L. Swan

Emilia finds herself falling for her best friend's rough, bad boy brother, but his dark secrets may be their undoing.

On Wattpad as @HardinsGirl1



Shadow of Twilight by Heather Smith

When Amelia meets her fated mate, unexpected supernatural powers begin to surface within her.

On Wattpad as @HeatherSmith672

When I started writing Siren's Mark, I put together inspiration boards for each character to get an idea of what they looked like in my head. Here's some of the faces I've been looking at while writing...


I thought of a few different actors for Zane, like Kyle Schmid or Harry Styles, but I kept coming back to Aidan Turner. His role as Mitchel the vampire in Being Human was just the perfect energy for this character.


I had just seen Lucy Hale play a terminally ill young woman in Life Sentence, so it was a natural fit to see her as Ava's chronically ill character.


From day one I saw Kieran as Avan Jogia. His aesthetic is exactly right for Kieran—androgynous, sexy, fun, and playful.


Jen took me a long time to find because it's hard to find curvy actresses. I used a photo of a Hot Topic model for a while, but eventually I landed on the adorable Kelly Marie Tran. Sadly the internet is low on gifs of her, so enjoy this photo...


Kami had to be a sexy, feminine badass, so who better than Rosario Dawson? I'm pretty convinced she could kick my ass.

So how did you imagine these characters as? Who would you cast?

<3 Lux

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