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Interview with Lux: How I Start a Novel

I recently sat down with the YouTube channel Film Courage to discuss my writing process. Here's what I had to say about my process for starting a new book.

Cursive dark purple text reading "check this out" over background image of laptop in front of purple wall. Laptop has a video still of a YouTube video of Lux overlaid with the text "Starting a Novel". Lux has purple hair and black lipstick and is wearing a black button-up top with a white celestial print.

So, guess what? I recently ventured into the wild world of on-camera interviews with the YouTube channel Film Courage! They asked me to come chat with them about my writing process, and despite my serious allergy to being in front of a camera, I managed to survived the experience. I mean, sure, there might have been a moment or two where I questioned my life choices, but hey, that's just part of the fun, right?

In the interview, I talked on my writing process, from inspiration to creating an outline. And yeah, I might have gone down the rabbit hole of fanfiction, Harry Styles, and Anna Todd's After series.

Now, full disclosure: I haven't actually watched it myself because, let's face it, watching yourself on video is a cringe-inducing nightmare. But hey, my friends and family swear I didn't make a complete fool of myself, so there's that. So if you're into writing or even just want some insight into my process, you can check it out:


About Me

I'm an author and official Wattpad Creator with over 3.7 million reads on the platform. I won a Watty award for my book, Siren's Fall, in 2022. I'm currently working on my fifth book, Arrow to the Heart, with new chapters dropping weekly on Wattpad.

Wattpad - @LuxRaven // TikTok - @LuxRavenWrites // Instagram - @LuxRavenWrites


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