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The Real People Who Inspired the Characters in Siren's Mark

When I started writing Siren's Mark, I put together inspiration boards for each character to get an idea of what they looked like in my head. Here's some of the faces I've been looking at while writing...


I thought of a few different actors for Zane, like Kyle Schmid or Harry Styles, but I kept coming back to Aidan Turner. His role as Mitchel the vampire in Being Human was just the perfect energy for this character.


I had just seen Lucy Hale play a terminally ill young woman in Life Sentence, so it was a natural fit to see her as Ava's chronically ill character.


From day one I saw Kieran as Avan Jogia. His aesthetic is exactly right for Kieran—androgynous, sexy, fun, and playful.


Jen took me a long time to find because it's hard to find curvy actresses. I used a photo of a Hot Topic model for a while, but eventually I landed on the adorable Kelly Marie Tran. Sadly the internet is low on gifs of her, so enjoy this photo...


Kami had to be a sexy, feminine badass, so who better than Rosario Dawson? I'm pretty convinced she could kick my ass.

So how did you imagine these characters as? Who would you cast?

<3 Lux


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